Details about Shisper View Hotel.

Situated in Passu Gojal, Hunza

Shisper View Hotel is located in Passu Gojal Hunza since 1985. The building of the hotel is a combo of modern and Hunza architecture style. The scenic view and the place to visit the nearby are Passu Glacier, Shisper Peak, Passu Suspension Bridge, Avdagar, Borith lake, Passu Ghar, Passu Cones, Yunz Valley, and Batura Valley. Providing local guides for the trekking and day hikes in the area.. The facility of rent a car is also available on demand. The management of Shisper View Hotel is providing professional services during your stay in Passu. The Restaurant of Shisper View Hotel service you the best taste of Pakistani cuisine. Shisper View Hotel is well known in Pakistan for the last 35 years in the hospitality sector.

Per Room rent: Rs 2500 - 4000 per night

Double and single bed.

Food: Available .

Wifi: Available .

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Phone: +923555719787


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