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Hussaini Suspension Bridge situated in Pakistan also deserves the attention of fans of extreme entertainment. It was designed to move across the Hunza River.

Famous For

It is considered the most dangerous bridge in the world, as the permanent cold wind blowing from the mountains of the Karakoram makes getting over even more dangerous..

Fee for visting

Visiting the place fee is Rs 60 per head.
The fee is taken and used in maintainance of the bridge.

Passu Suspension Bridge Gojal Hunza

Passu Suspension Bridge

Hussaini Suspension Bridge Gojal Hunza

Hussaini Suspension Bridge

Karimabad khyber crossing bridge

Khyber Karimabad Bridge

Shishkat to gulmit bridge

Shishkat Gulmit Bridge

Old Hussaini suspension bridge

Old Hussaini suspension bridge

Suspenion bridge and blue sky

Suspenion bridge and blue sky