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Baltit Fort is an ancient fort located in the Hunza valley of Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan. The Baltit Fort stands on moraines of Ultar glacier in the central Hunza valley among the Karakorum Range. Baltit Fort was built 700 years ago by Mir of hunza Sir Muhmmad Nazim Khan. In olden times in a number of small independent states existed in the Northern Areas of Pakistan. This fort was restored and in 1990 by his Highness Aga Khan IV. Baltit fort is one of the visited site of Hunza valley. You get to see the natural beauty of Hunza, the giant Rakaposhi, the beautiful lady finger peak, Diran peak and many more peaks from Baltit fort. There is a long history of this fort. The last Emperor of Hunza Mir Jamal Khan left this palace and shifted to a new one. From that time till 1990 this fort was left empty and useless. In that duration this fort was cracked and about to collapse. But then Present Mir of Hunza gifted the fort of HH Aga Khan IV and the department of AKDN, Agha Khan Trust of Culture and Heritage to preserve and save the fort from collapse. Agha Khan Trust for Culture renovate the Fort in the duration of six years with the expenditure of 7 crore PKR. In 1996, The President of Pakistan inaugurated the renovated ancient palace and gave it the rank of Museum. Inside the fort, there is still present the pots and kitchen accessories in which the Mir and his family members were served foods. Different rooms and the jail are also located inside the Fort. Fort is completely renovated and is open for tourists

Fee for visting

Visiting the place fee is Rs 200-500.

It can take upto 20 Minutes drive From Aliabad

 Baltit Fort
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