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Khunjerab Pass is a beautiful land located in the Hunza region of GB, Pakistan. Khunjerab is a combination of two wakhi words (Khun: Blood Jerab: River). It is 4,963 meters above sea level. This pass connects China to Pakistan. This beautiful land plays very strategic importance for both Pakistan and China. The Khunjerab is also given the status of National Park by the Government of Pakistan. This is done to conserve the endangered species of Marcopolo sheep and also due to the presence of biodiversity of flora and fauna. Khunjerab pass has direct access to a highway that extends from Pakistan to China. The visitors get to see the beauty of Hunza to reach Khunjerab pass, the naturally formed Attabad lake, giant Passu Cones and many more. Khunjerab Pass has access to mobile signal and ATM services for tourists. Every year thousands of people visit this place. Mostly the weather in Khunjerab remains cold and in winter the place is covered with heavy snow and no access to people. Khunjerab Pass binds Pakistan and China.

Fee for visting

Visiting the place fee is Rs 100 / 8$.

It can take upto 2 Hour drive From Sost bazar

 Khunjerab Pass
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